Toshiyuki Tanaka

Toshiyuki Tanaka

Spatial Designer


Born in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Design. Worked as an art director at Nomura Kogei Co. Established Space Environment Planning Institute in 1983. Major works include: exhibition design for The Little World Museum of Man; art director for EXPO'85 Government Exhibition & History Museum; basic exhibition planning for Edo-Tokyo Museum; architecture, landscape and exhibition space design for Iwayado Museum, Gunma Prefecture; architecture, landscape and exhibition space design for Oiso Town Museum, Kanagawa Prefecture; basic space design for Living Park Tower Living Design Center OZONE, Basic Space Design / Toyota Automobile Museum, Main Building and New Building, Exhibition Space Design / Dentsu Ad-musia Tokyo, Exhibition Design / west53rd Nihonkaku, Architecture and Space Design / Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Art Director.
Awards received include the Japan Space Design Grand Prize, the Asahi Shimbun Award, the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, the Multimedia Grand Prix Grand Prize, and the Commercial Environment Designers Association Design Grand Prize.
-2006 Part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University and Tokyo University of the Arts. Currently a member of the Steering Committee of the Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum. He is also a member of the final judging committee of the Visual Culture Producers Association. Advisor to the Japan Space Design Association since 2012.

Thoughts on Design

Space design is about how to build a relationship between “things”, “things” and “people” into a “place”. I believe that space design is an act of.... I believe that this is the act of.
In this way of thinking and conceiving, I am a design architect who adapts the “cultural system” into a “place” and awakens the five senses into a “context of empathy”. In doing so, he aims to create a “Kuu-Kan” that inspires the imagination to think about the future, starting from the question, “What is human?” In addition to universal design and eco-friendly design, the contribution of design to society is also being questioned.
The memory of the future is evident in the aesthetic sense that has nurtured technology and refined culture by living in harmony with the changes of nature and time.
— “Kuu-Kan” is a ring of air. The circle of people. The ring of the earth.

Representative work

  • 1992 | Midori City Iwajuku Museum / Architecture

  • 1992 | Midori City Iwajuku Museum / exterior

  • 1992 | Midori City Iwajuku Museum / Exhibition

  • 1983 | The Little World Museum of Man (Value)

  • 1983 | The Little World Museum of Man (Technology)

  • 1985 | EXPO85 Government Exhibit History Hall

  • 1998 | World Heritage Poster Exhibition

  • 1994 | Living Design Center OZONE

  • 1999 | New Building, Toyota Museum

  • 1989 | Main Building, Toyota Museum

Interview (Japanese)

From the exhibition “Secret Source of Inspiration: Designers’ Hidden Sketches and Mockups