Ichiro Iwasaki

Ichiro Iwasaki

Product Designer


Representative of IWASAKI DESIGN STUDIO.
Working in collaboration with companies in Japan and abroad, he designs a wide range of products from tableware, lighting, furniture, and precision electronic devices such as digital cameras and smart phones.
He has been awarded a number of international design awards including Japan’s Good Design Award Gold, iF Design Award Gold, Red Dot Best of the Best.
Lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, Tama Art University.

Thoughts on Design

Design is close to people’s senses and sensitivity. On the other hand, it is also close to technology and information. Therefore, design may be good at connecting people with something a little difficult or unfamiliar. Of course, it is also possible to take something that is not difficult, or something that we know well, and bring it closer to people.
I imagine that design is somewhere in between theory and emotion, and that design can do a good job in areas that are too theoretical or too emotional. On the other hand, I think we have to be careful with design because it has its own harmful effects. Behind an easy-to-understand representation of a thing, there may be an omitted nuance, or behind an exciting and powerful image, there may be another story that is not told. When we hear the word “design,” we tend to think of it in terms of a logical and smart impression, but in fact, it is something that is made to be so human.

Representative work

  • 2019 | fp SIGMA

  • 2014 | dp Quattro SIGMA

  • 2016 | CINE LENS SIGMA

  • 2016 | C ISSEY MIYAKE

  • 2006 | PX-01-STK Pyrex

  • 2019 | TUBE VIBIA

  • 2015 | PIN Wall Lamp VIBIA

  • 2018 | KIIK Arper Photo: Marco Covi

  • 2010 | PIX Arper

  • 2020 | FLAT Floor Lamp VIBIA

  • 2020 | FLAT Pendant Lamp VIBIA Photo: Pawel Chu