Yoshiaki Irobe

Yoshiaki Irobe

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer/Art Director. Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1974. Completed a master’s course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Director of Nippon Design Center, Inc. and Director of Irobe Design Institute within the same company. Part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts. Has worked on branding for Osaka Metro, national parks, etc., as well as numerous VI and signage projects for facilities such as the Ichihara Lakeside Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Sukagawa Citizen’s Exchange Center tette, Tenri Station Square Cofufun, Tokyo Yard Project, etc. He has won several domestic and international design awards, including the Yusaku Kamekura Award, ADC Award, SDA Grand Prize, CS Design Award Grand Prix, JAGDA New Designer Award, and One Show Design Gold Pencil. He is a member of AGI, Tokyo ADC, and JAGDA.

Thoughts on Design

My specialty is visual design, and my main focus is on visual information. I am very much in love with visual design that is materialized and remains in form, such as print media, but regardless of the media, I always aspire to design something that leaves a pleasant afterimage in a corner of people’s memory.

Representative work

  • 2013 | Ichihara Lakeside Museum   VI, Signage Planning

  • 2019 | National Park   VI

  • 2018 | Osaka Metro   CI

  • 2015 | Hakutsuru Tenku   Package

  • 2019 | Sukagawa Citizen Exchange Center tette   VI, Signage Planning

  • 2020 | TokyoYard PROJECT   VI, Typeface, Signage Planning

  • 2019 | Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo   Signage Project

  • 2017 | naturaglace   Package

  • 2018 | Liquitex Gouache Acrylics Plus   Package

  • 2021 | Sony Park Exhibition   Graphics, Signage Planning

  • 2018 | Alvar Aalto Another Nature   Book

  • 2020 | Ichigaya Letterpress Factory   VI, Signage Planning

  • 2015 | Yoshiaki Irobe: WALL   Graphics, Exhibition Planning