Keiko Hirano

Keiko Hirano



Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1959, she established HIRANO STUDIO in 1997. In 2005, she established the Communication Design Institute with Aoshi Kudo, with the ideal of creating the best possible communication through design. Designed the symbol mark, logotype, and VI for the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Total art direction for Shiseido’s “qiora” brand in the U.S., including VI planning, advertising, website, etc. Total art direction for NTT Docomo’s “F702iD Shosa”, including product design, naming, website, advertising, and CF. CD jacket design for Kenji Ozawa. Planned, organized, and designed the venue for the exhibitions “Icons of the Age” and “Philosophy and Practice of Design,” and wrote and edited a book with the same title. Kajima Corporation calendar, etc. Mainichi Design Award. IF Design Award, Germany. Tokyo ADC Award, NY ADC Prize Money Award. She has received many awards, including the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Encouragement Award at the National Calendar Exhibition, and the Commerce and Information Policy Bureau Director-General’s Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Thoughts on Design

For design, economic activity is not the central issue.
We have already experienced and know that when
economic supremacy goes too far, people’s minds are devastated.
There should be no contradiction in words and deeds.
There should be no lies.
It must not become a hotbed of lust.
Maintain dignity.
Be respectful to others.
With the intervention of the idea of design
We are dedicated to the betterment of life
through the intervention of design ideas.
To be in harmony with one’s surroundings
To harmonize with the surroundings is to keep
the beauty of the environment intact.
The designer’s specific vision and ideals are the centripetal force
that binds the dispersed technologies and capabilities together.
The more specific the goals, and the higher the level of ommitment,
the better the engineers will be able to focus on their responsibilities.
The important thing is motivation.
Self-correction is not neglected.
Connect ideals and technology.
To build a beneficial system
I am convinced that it is the designer's duty to contribute to
the fruitfulness of the human spirit.

Representative work

  • Shiseido qiora Branding / 2000-2005

  • Exhibition “The starting point, the end point and the starting point of design” / 2008

  • Desk Calendar DESIGNPiece_01 “wave motion” / 2007-

  • Book “White Book ̶ A written record of my thought” / 2008

  • NTT docomo F702iD “Shosa” / 2006

  • Sake bottle design “Kuro Matsu Hakushika” / 2010

  • The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Symbol Mark & VI Project 2001-

  • Paper scrap box / 2004

  • Development direction for Takeo’s paper “Luminescence” / 2004

  • Exhibition “Icon of the Age” / 2004
    Book “Icon of the Age” / 2004

  • Exhibition “Philosophy and Practice of Design” 2003
    Book “Philosophy and Practice of Design” 2003

  • Book “Portrait of a Graphic Designer” / 2009