Haruka Misawa

Haruka Misawa



Misawa was born in Gunma Prefecture in 1982. After graduating from the Interior Design Course of Musashino Art University and working at the design office nendo, she joined Hara Design Institute at Nippon Design Center in 2009. She founded Misawa Design Institute in 2014.Misawa Design Institute use an experimental approach, attempting to observe the principles behind things and visualize the unknown possibilities to be found there. Her major projects include waterscape, which redesigned an underwater environment into new aquatic landscapes, the Sange Project, which investigated paper shapes that fly, Paper Verb, which was exhibited at takeo paper show 2018 “precision,” UENO PLANET, which visualized the unknown charms of Ueno Zoo, and visual identity for KITTE and TOKYO BIG SIGHT, projects notable for exploring logo versatility. She has received the JADGDA New Designer Award, Mainichi Design Award, ADC Award, and JAGDA Award. She is the author of waterscape, published by X-Knowledge in 2018.

Thoughts on Design

Pay attention to the trivial things. Sometimes the most trivial things that no one pays attention to are the things we should pay the most attention to in design. Question what is obvious. Try to verify. Experiment. These are all actions that expand the possibilities. The world is not full of things that can be determined, and there are far more uncertain things that cannot be explained. Because we don't know, we continue to create, think, and learn. You don't have to go to the ends of the earth to find the unknown. The more trivial and familiar the realization, the happier I am. What we don't know is very rich. Because there are so many things I don't know, I'm working hard on my designs today.

Representative work

  • 2015 | UENO PLANET

  • 2018 | waterscape
    Photo: Masayuki HAYASHI

  • 2018 | Sange “flowering in the air” : The Consecration Rite of the Central Golden Hall of Kohfukuji Temple
    Photo: Hideaki HAMADA

  • 2018 | Again and Again: Ideas Coming To Mind Haruka Misawa
    Photo: Jumpei KATO

  • 2018 | Form of Gravity
    Photo: Masayuki HAYASHI

  • 2018 | Paper Verb
    Photo: Masayuki HAYASHI

  • 2014 | Paper Flower
    Photo: Takashi SEKIGUCHI (amanagroup)