Masayuki Kurokawa

Masayuki Kurokawa

Architect / Product Designer


D. from Nagoya Institute of Technology and Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering. He continues to take a position that comprehensively considers a wide range of fields, from architectural design to industrialized architecture, product design, and interior design. At present, he advocates “Butsugaku (object science)” as a theory that synthesizes these theories, and presides over the object science study group. He also runs Designtope, a website that supports the creative activities of designers. In addition to his creative activities, he is also involved in activities to support designers, such as organizing international design competitions. In April 2007, he established K Inc. and started a production company to manufacture mainly his own designed works. As a result, the “K System” was completed, consisting of four interlinked organizations: Masayuki Kurokawa Architectual Design Office as a place for creation, Designtope as an information system, Butsugaku Research Institute as a place for exchange and research, and K Corporation as a place for manufacturing and sales. He received his Doctor of Fine Arts degree from Kanazawa College of Art. He is a visiting professor at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Fudan University.

Thoughts on Design

There is an unfathomably deep world. There is something there that should be called proof of the life of living things. So much so that the act of design is the fundamental action of living things. It is the cry of the heart, the instinctive response of a lonely person, and the desire for beauty.
Rather than “designing”, design is essentially “doing design”. We design as we breathe.
The act of design, like art, is ultimately a “confession” and a “question”. It can be an object, a space, a project, a system, a momentary event, or a person imprinting life on a person, a material, or the universe.

Representative work

  • 2007 | T-FRAME

  • 2011 | IRONY

  • 2005 | SUKI

  • 2003 | KIRI

  • 1973 | GOM Ashtray

  • 1996 | Chaos

  • 2002 | Hotaru=BETWEEN

  • 2007 | METAPH

  • 1999 | Buddha

  • 1991 | P+G

  • 2003 | S Residence

  • 1998 | Paloma Plaza

  • 2000 | Tower of Wind and Light

  • 2006 | Flower Shadow

  • 1990 | Miwa Rock Tamaki Plant

Interview (Japanese)

From the exhibition “Secret Source of Inspiration: Designers’ Hidden Sketches and Mockups