Fumie Shibata

Fumie Shibata

Product Designer


After graduating from the Musashino Art University, she worked at a large electrical goods manufacturer and then founded Design Studio S. She has been working on many projects with domestic and overseas brands, including electronic goods, daily goods, medical equipment, and hotel creative direction. She has received among others the iF Gold Award, and the Design for Asia Top, Culture, and Gold Awards. Works as Professor of Musashino Art University and Judging Committee Chair of the 2018-2019 Good Design Awards. Author of the book ‘Forms within Forms.’

Thoughts on Design

The technique of changing the direction of a spacecraft or accelerating/decelerating it due to the universal gravitational pull of celestial bodies is called swing-by. It is often used to send space probes to planets or out of the solar system by passing near celestial bodies and taking advantage of their orbital motion.
Although the power of a single designer is limited, I would like to bring design to the outside of the design system by swinging by the development power of companies and the technical power of craftsmen.
Design is the wisdom that allows people to be who they are, so I will do my best to make sure that design is involved in all aspects of human life.

Representative work

  • 2019 | AWA BROKIS

  • 2019 | vertebra03 ITOKI
    Photo: Norio Kidera

  • 2006 | unitea KINTO

  • 2019 | SACCO vase KINTO

  • 2009- | Capsule hotel 9h 9h ninehours
    Photo: nacasa

  • 2004 | 'ZUTTO' IH Rice cooker ZOJIRUSHI
    Photo: Koji Miura

  • 2003 | 'baby label' Baby's bath Combi
    Photo: Koji Miura

  • 2003 | ‘A Sofa That Fits Your Body’ MUJI
    Photo: Koji Miura

  • 2017 | Scales MUJI
    Photo: Takumi Ota

  • 2013 | Digital thermometer Omron
    Photo: Koji Miura

  • 2012 | Kitchen knives Tadafusa
    Photo: Takumi Ota

Interview (Japanese)

From the exhibition “Secret Source of Inspiration: Designers’ Hidden Sketches and Mockups