Design Gallery 1953

The 774th Design Gallery 1953 Exhibition “My Favorite Designs 2021”

August 18, 2021 — September 27, 2021

The Japan Design Committee is pleased to announce “My Favorite Designs 2021”, the 774th Design Gallery 1953 exhibition.
In 1964, the year of the first Tokyo Olympics, the Design Gallery 1953 was opened on the 7th floor of Matsuya Ginza based on the strong will of the members of the Japan Design Committee. Since then, the gallery has planned and held more than 700 exhibitions to educate the public about design.
In 2021, when the Olympic Games will once again be held in Tokyo, the operation of the Design Gallery will be entrusted to its younger members.
The Japan Design Committee has decided to edit the 774th exhibition with the perspective of 2021, following the planning intention of the first Design Gallery exhibition, “My Favorite Designs”.
The first exhibition was a project with the participation of all members. Now, with the addition of seven new members, we are developing “My Favorite Designs 2021” with the participation of all 33 members.
We will introduce the designs that each of us thinks are unshakeable with actual products and text.

Messages from the members

All 33 members of the Japan Design Committee will introduce their “My Favorite Designs”. The title of this exhibition is exactly the same as the first exhibition held at the Design Gallery in 1964, when the Tokyo Olympics were held for the first time in Asia. This exhibition will be held just in time for the Tokyo Olympics to be held again. Please take a look at the “My Favorite Designs” selected by the members in 2021, when more than half a century has passed since 1964, and the world and lifestyles are very different from those of that time.

Yoshiaki Irobe

Exhibition Outline

• For more information about opening hours, please refer to the Matsuya Ginza website for business days and hours.

Makoto Koizumi “Antonio Vitali’s Toys”
Kengo Kuma “METARIDE AMU by Kengo Kuma”
Image courtesy of ASICS
Kazumasa Nagai “New Year’s card by Sori Yanagi”

photo: Nacása & Partners