Ginza Connoisseurs’ Shopping Arcade “Fukasawa Glass (Owner: Naoto Fukasawa)” is now open.

February 2, 2022 (Wed) — March 1, 2022 (Tue)

Store owner’s comment

Since 2014, I have designed 200 different glassware and porcelain pieces for Taiwan Glass, one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers. First, I made a small glass for drinking water to determine the basic design for the entire product line. The glass has a gentle curve from the bottom half, narrowing and mellowing into a rounded bottom corner, and when filled with water, the thickness of the glass disappears, leaving only a silhouette of water. When water is poured in, the thickness of the glass disappears, leaving only the silhouette of the water. The beautiful red curve of the wine also emerges clearly. This gentle curve is not found in commercial glassware. The moment when the liquid takes on a shape is beautiful.
I first designed the water drinking glass because I wanted to enrich the common habit of drinking water. I think this is the ultimate in ordinary. You can comfortably drink a glass of wine with your elbows on the table. You can have a latte in a stacking glass.
Water in a bedside pitcher.
The gentle shape of the glass makes everyday life peaceful.

Ginza Connoisseurs’ Shopping Arcade “Fukasawa Glass”

  • Owner: Naoto Fukazawa
  • Venue: Design Gallery 1953, Matsuya Ginza 7F
  • Period: December 15 (Wed), 2021 — January 11 (Tue), 2022 (Last day closing at 7 p.m.)
  • • Please refer to the Matsuya Ginza website for the opening hours and other information.

    About “Ginza Connoisseurs’ Shopping Arcade, Selected by Connoisseurs”

    Rather than neatly aligned “products,” I want to see excellent products that have been grabbed from the wide world by the hands of unique store owners. I want to respect the uniqueness of the sifting eyes of the selector and judge the value by passing my own eyes. In response to this mood, the Ginza Connoisseurs’ Shopping Arcade, which was held three times in the past, is back by popular demand. Members of the Japan Design Committee will take turns as shopkeepers for the next two years. The word “connoisseur” does not refer to an academic eye for judging authenticity, but rather to the fact that each store owner has a unique job and uses his or her own eyes to select products that can only be found here.

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