Design Gallery 1953

The 785th Design Gallery 1953 Exhibition “Jin Kuramoto  Live with materials”

September 13 (Wed) — November 6 (Mon), 2023

The Japan Design Committee is pleased to present “Jin Kuramoto  Live with materials” at the 785th Design Gallery 1953.
This exhibition introduces various works by Jin Kuramoto, a young product designer active in a wide range of fields, who since 2008 has hosted his own studio; JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO, and continues to produce a wide variety of works in Japan and abroad, including automobiles, furniture, home appliances, eyewear, and more.
As symbolized by the title of the exhibition, Kuramoto’s relationship with materials is very close. The works created after struggling with various materials reflect Kuramoto’s spirit. The Design Gallery will exhibit approximately 25 works, including some that have not been exhibited in Japan.

Message from Yoshiaki Irobe, Exhibition Director

The unique details and overall presence that emerge from an intimate dialogue with materials, along with a flexible thought process that seeks solutions guided by the materials, result in creations that consistently exude a generous and gentle aura. This is indeed the charm of designer Jin Kuramoto.

Exhibition Outline

  • Title: The 785th Design Gallery 1953 Exhibition “Jin Kuramoto  Live with materials”
  • Dates: September 13 (Wed) — November 6 (Mon), 2023, 11:00 a.m. — 8:00 p.m.;
    closing at 5:00 p.m. on the last day; free admission
  • Venue: Matsuya Ginza 7th floor, Design Gallery 1953
  • Organizer: Japan Design Committee
  • Cooperation: arflex JAPAN, CondeHouse, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Sasaki Kogei, SOMÈS SADDLE, HAY, LICHT Gallery, MEETEE, Nedre Foss
  • Exhibition Director: Yoshiaki Irobe

• Please refer to the Matsuya Ginza website for the opening hours and other information.

Jin Kuramoto Biography

He has been involved in the design and development of a wide variety of products from furniture, home appliances, eyewear to automobiles, using a clear approach to conveying the concept and story of a project through formative expression. He emphasizes a practical development process in which he repeats trial and error of function and structure while directly touching materials and materials, and his “studio” where prototyping takes place is always full of inspiration and discovery.
He has received numerous awards including the iF Design Award, Good Design Award, and Red Dot Design Award.

Sale of related products

Some of the following products will be on sale during the exhibition.

  • Venue: 7th floor Design Collection

Photo: Nacása & Partners