2008 | Nissin Furniture Crafters | Motomi Kawakami

Motomi Kawakami's design clearly expresses her idea of the distance between people's lives and design. They are functional, unobtrusive, and beautiful. The ideal form of objects that are intended for an unspecified number of people and are randomly placed in various styles of living, the aesthetics that lies beyond the pursuit of functionality as tools, and the seemingly contradictory aspects of understatement, beauty, and conspicuous presence are all beautifully realized by Ms. Kawakami. In the hands of Ms. Kawakami, the seemingly contradictory nature of her work is beautifully realized. StepStep" is an extremely unique and individualistic idea that combines a chair and a shoehorn. I imagine that this raw expression of function may sometimes lead to a result that is detached from beauty, but the dignified appearance of the functional and simple structure is infinitely lovely and beautiful, with its knockdown assembly system, wood screws that do not require tools, and assembly by hand. It is the fruit of Mr. Kawakami's intellect and character.
Beyond its functionality as a device to support the body, a close relationship between a person and a chair is fostered throughout life. This is the first time I have seen a chair that is made of wood. As the wood surface ages, the color and gloss of the wood will change and become more austere, and the chair will slowly age with the owner.
Keiko Hirano