Ginza Shopping Street of Expertise “K.H.S. (store owner: Keiko Hirano)” is now open.

December 15, 2021 — January 11, 2022

Store owner’s comment

I am fascinated by materials that I cannot control, which arise unintentionally as they age. Roman glass, said to have been unearthed in the ruins of the Roman Empire, is said to have been created between 27 and 395 B.C. As it ages in the soil, the ingredients on the surface of the glass undergo a chemical reaction, creating mysterious colors that cannot be reproduced artificially.
Rust also has an inherent beauty created by the deterioration of metals through oxidation-reduction reactions (corrosion) with oxygen and moisture.

New functions are added to colors and shapes that were created in the process of losing their original functions and meanings. The artist has created ornaments to be worn on the body, finding the charm in the missing state that cannot be arbitrarily reproduced.

Ginza Shopping Street of Expertise “K.H.S.”

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About “Ginza Shopping Street of Expertise, Selected by Connoisseurs”

Rather than neatly aligned “products,” I want to see excellent products that have been grabbed from the wide world by the hands of unique store owners. I want to respect the uniqueness of the sifting eyes of the selector and judge the value by passing my own eyes. In response to this mood, the Ginza Shopping Street of Expertise, which was held three times in the past, is back by popular demand. Members of the Japan Design Committee will take turns as shopkeepers for the next two years. The word “connoisseur” does not refer to an academic eye for judging authenticity, but rather to the fact that each store owner has a unique job and uses his or her own eyes to select products that can only be found here.

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