The 79th Design Salon Talk|Naoto Fukasawa and Motomi Kawakami will hold a talk event.

Design Salon Talk will be held in conjunction with the 778th Design Gallery 1953 Exhibition “IFDA: Asahikawa, the Holy Land of Wooden Furniture”.

Registration is now closed.

All participants are required to be seated after taking the necessary distanciation.
Admission is free, but please bring the reception image that will be sent back to you from the committee office.
If we cannot confirm your name, you may be denied entry.
You can print out the image or show it on your smart phone.
We will confirm your name at the reception desk on the day of the event.
After the event, there will be a speech by the staff involved.
If time permits, please remain there after the talk event.

Naoto Fukasawa, Motomi Kawakami
The 8th 2011 Gold Leaf Award / Half Chair / D: Woojin Chung

Design Salon Talk in session.