Milk Pan

1963 | Sori Yanagi | Sori Yanagi

The “naturalness of the aesthetic sense” of Yanagi’s designs may be due to the fact that he grew up in a family that was a proponent of folk crafts, and that he was used to eating Bernard Leach and Hamada Shoji’s vessels in his daily life. I feel this way after visiting the Japan Folk Crafts Museum West Wing (former residence of Muneyoshi Yanagi).
Yanagi’s kitchenware is sized to be used in combination: an 18cm single-handled pot, a small frying pan, their lids, and a 19cm colander and bowl can be stacked on top of each other and share the same lid.
There is a naturalness to the design without waste.
Toshiyuki Tanaka

Iron frying pan

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