Design Gallery 1953

The 775th Design Gallery 1953 Exhibition “Carpenter’s Hand|Design Activities to Restore Handwork and Create a Richer Mind”

September 29, 2021 — November 8, 2021

The Japan Design Committee is pleased to announce the “Carpenter’s Hand” exhibition at the 775th Design Gallery 1953.
“Carpenter’s Hand” is a part of the activities of “Waza”, a general incorporated association of 59 construction companies, designers and architects working together for the restoration of handicrafts.
Since the period of high economic growth, most of the handiwork in Japan, including carpentry, has become a task of chasing numbers and time, rather than a job worth living. In such a situation, “Carpenter’s Hand” is an activity to create a system in which carpenters, who are responsible for building the houses that form the foundation of our lives, can work with pride, vigor, and excitement, and to nurture the desire for a rich life.
At Design Gallery 1935, we will introduce the furniture created by the hands of these highly motivated carpenters, as well as many of the activities they have led.

Outline of the exhibition

  • The 775th Design Gallery Exhibition “Carpenter’s Hand | Design Activities to Restore Handwork and Create a Richer Mind”
  • Period: September 29 (Wed.) – November 8 (Mon.), 2021, closing at 5 p.m. on the last day, free admission
  • Venue: Design Gallery 1953, Matsuya Ginza 7F
  • Organizer: Japan Design Committee
  • In cooperation with: Waza, Aiba Construction Co.
  • Supervisor: Makoto Koizumi

• For more information about opening hours, please refer to the Matsuya Ginza website for business days and hours.

Exhibition details

  1. Furniture made by carpenters: Old wood table + stacking stool + desk box
  2. Furniture made by carpenters: Window benches
  3. 10 children’s chair contest designed by carpenters


Carpenter’s Hand Tour

The “Carpenter’s Hand Tour” has ended.
For inquiries about Whirlwind (, please contact the following

  • Inquiry: Waza Office [in Aiba Construction Co.]
    Tel: 042-395-4181 (representative)

Monozukuri Online Talk by Ryuji Mitani and Makoto Koizumi

An online event will be held. Advance registration is required to participate.

  • The 78th Design Salon Talk “Monozukuri Online Talk by Ryuji Mitani and Makoto Koizumi”
  • Date and time: Wednesday, October 13, 19:30 – 21:00
  • Speakers: Ryuji Mitani, Makoto Koizumi
  • Fee: Free
    • This will be a Zoom webinar.

Registration for “Monozukuri Online Talk by Ryuji Mitani and Makoto Koizumi” has been closed.

Large furniture “Shako” made by carpenters
Old wood furniture made by carpenters
Carpenter’s design contest “Children’s chair”
Photo: Ryoukan Abe

photo: Nacása & Partners